Hi there!  My name is Mike Seiler.  I'm the Broker of Record and Owner of Century 21 In-Studio Realty.

On top of the 'Real Estate Transaction', I have a passion for entrepreneurship, marketing and photography.   

 My goal as a Broker is to work alongside my team of Realtors to ensure each one is reaching their own personal business goals. 

As an award winning, top performing Realtor, I made the decision to partner with Century 21 Canada to start In-Studio Realty.  We're growing strong.  We're growing fast! 

Competing VS Non-Competing

There are 2 major implications when your Broker is selling real estate.

  1.  The leads belong to the agents - Agents are investing their time, money and energy to be part of an office.  Naturally, this should result in organic business for the agent.  There will come a time when the agent looks at a 'New Listing' or a 'Firm Deal' on the board where his Broker/Owner is on the Selling side and say, 'Hmm, I wonder if that was a walk in, or phone in'. 
  2. Where is my Broker when I need them? - Frankly, when I was under a Broker of Record, I never called him for advice.  He really never projected that calling him was even an option.  A Broker of Record is meant to be your up-line.  When you have questions or concerns in a transaction, they should be readily available to guide and support you.  If as a Broker I am out showing properties, and writing contracts, how can I possibly be there to support my team?  I can't!
As a side note, your first year in Real Estate can be absolutely brutal.  Acquiring your first clients can seem like an eternity.  When you get to the point of writing your first listing, or drafting your first contract, most Realtors will make a lot of mistakes.  These mistakes can not only be costly, but ultimately be damaging to your career.  Your Broker is your mentor.  Choose a Broker with a proven track record!  Choose a Broker that is going to push you to succeed, cheer you on along the way, and be there to help you up when you fall down! 

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